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Heirloom Natural Roll 96 inch HNBY96 Hobbs#30

Manufacturer: HOBBS

Stock #: HNBY96

Type: 96 Inches Wide

Origin: Made in USA

Color: Natural

Code: 1286.00022

Heirloom Natural is designed for quilters that want a soft The only organic cotton batting made! Made using drape-able batting with a traditional look. Heirloom Natural 100% organic cotton for both hand and machine quilting. is made with 100% Natural cotton and is needle punched for HEIRLOOM ORGANIC can be quilted up to 4" apart. additional strength. Shrinkage of 3-5% and may be quilted up HEIRLOOM ORGANIC with scrim is made for machine to 4" apart. quilters and craft projects with quilt spacing up to 10" apart. Both battings are extremely clean with normal shrinkage of 3-5% comparable to other battings. HEIRLOOM ORGANIC is grown without chemicals and is the only cotton batting manufactured using 100% organic cotton.

Heirloom Natural Roll 96 inch HNBY96 Hobbs#30

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